Continental Access – Important note on the V1.1.16 B137 API

Dear Valued Integrator,

If you are currently using the CA4K, V1.0.x API, and plan on updating to our NEW CA4K V1.1.x software, you will have to perform the following steps for your custom application to function.

In the NEW CA4K, V1.1.16.137, the API DLL is in the CardAccess4K>API folder and there is not a copy of it in the root of the CardAccess4K folder. Please manually place a copy of the CardAccess.API.DLL  into the root of the CardAccess4K folder.

The NEW enhanced API in the CA4K V1.1.16 B137 contains 180+ functions and provides the ability to design a robust application for integration with the CA4K.

We sincerely apologize for this slight inconvenience.

Thank you…




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