Continental Access – CA4K Mobile App Technical Advisory

Dear Value Customer – The CA4K Service Pack 1 that was recently released, contains an update for the CA4K Mobile Web APP. This update is for the application that is installed on the computer running IIS. This is not an update for the phone app downloaded from the Google or Apple stores, and installed on the phone.

If you do not have Service Pack 1 installed over V1.1.16, you must install Service Pack 1 before updating the CA4K Mobile Web App. Please contact Continental Technical Support for the ftp download information.

If you are installing the CA4K Mobile Web APP for the first time, you MUST first install IIS and then install the CA4K Mobile Web APP included with Service Pack 1.

If you have already installed the CA4K Mobile Web APP from CA4K V1.1.16, you must uninstall it from Programs and Features, and reinstall it from Service Pack 1.

The Service Pack 1 Installation Document is available at the following link:

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