Continental Access – Final Correction…

The CardAccess 3000 Overview webinar on August 4th, 2014, is a private webinar and is not open to the public. We do apologize.

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Continental Access – Correction…


The CardAccess 3000 Overview Webinar is Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 11AM.

Thank You…

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Continental Access Invites You To Attend Our Upcoming Webinar on Monday, August 4th, 2014 at 11AM Eastern Time

Please join us for this free Webinar.

Webinar Topic: CardAccess 3000 Overview

Presenter: Duane D. Foote

Learn all the features and advantages of using the CardAccess 3000 software

The following topics will be discussed during this webinar :

  • Super fast speeds

  • Global Lockdowns

  • Alarm monitoring

  • Video DVR/NVR interface

  • Email/SMS support

  • Threat Level Management

  • Dynamic Map control

  • Visitor Management control

  • FIPS/TWIC/CAC/ PIV Card Support

  • Elevator control

  • And Much More…

For more information, please visit the following link and click “Upcoming”:

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Continental Access – Please Visit Our Technical Video Library

Dear Valued Integrator,

We have recently posted new technical videos which are available 24 x 7 and can be accessed from the Continental website, under the “Support/Library” tab. To access the videos, click the “More Continental Videos” button, or follow the link below. These videos can be watched at your convenience or at times when you are preparing to go on a service call.

These videos are a great resource in addition to the FAQ’s and the complete Continental document library. The videos are categorized as “Troubleshooting Prerequisites”, “Troubleshooting Videos” and “How To Videos”.

If possible, please perform the steps in the “Troubleshooting Prerequisite” videos prior to contacting Continental Technical Support. These videos will cover the initial steps our Technical Team will guide you through. Below are some of the tasks that will be covered in the Troubleshooting Prerequisites videos:

1)  Setting permissions accordingly to assure a security restriction is not causing the problem. It is recommended to have FULL Local Administrator permissions while troubleshooting.

Note: Lack of Windows permissions is the number one cause of most problems.

2) Configuring the Firewall to assure there a no ports being blocked.

3) Confirming the security key /software license has been configured properly.

4) Confirm the Database Utilities is configured properly and you can create a new database.

In addition to the troubleshooting Prerequisites videos, there are additional troubleshooting videos and “How To Videos”.

This collection of videos will continually be updated and new ones will be recorded. We greatly appreciate any feedback on these videos, including other topics that would assist with troubleshooting.

It is our goal at Continental Access to minimize the time you spend troubleshooting problems during installations and upgrades.

Please visit the following link to view the Technical Videos :

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Continental Access – Tech Tip Of The Week (7/24/2014)

Dear Valued Integrator,


When preparing to perform a CardAccess upgrade, it is very important to know the current version of software, prior to scheduling the upgrade. Older versions of software will require the databases to be sent into Continental Technical Support for upgrading.

If you are upgrading CardAccess 3000 V2.6 or later to a newer version, the database upgrade can be performed on site.

If you are upgrading CardAccess 3000 V2.5 or earlier (including CAx95 versions), you must send the database to Continental Technical Support to be upgraded. This will require contacting Continental Technical Supported and arranging to post the database files on the Continental FTP site.

In most cases, the upgrade can be performed in the same day if you contact Technical Support first thing in the morning. Once the upgrade is performed, the database files will be posted back to the FTP site for your retrieval.

Thank You…

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Continental Access – Please Take Advantage Of The Continental Document Library and FAQ’s

Please Take A Quick Tour Of The Continental Document Library

Dear Valued Customer,

There are times when our Continental Technical Support Team is busy helping other customers. We do apologize for those inconvenient times.

Unfortunately, there are certain types of calls that are very time consuming including software upgrades, database repairs and others. Our Technical Support Team takes pride in assisting our valued customers until a complete resolution is achieved.

There are times  when our customers are waiting on hold to request a password for our software, wiring diagrams, specific documents for a CA3000 function and others.

This is where the Continental Document Library can be a very valuable asset.  Please take advantage of it. It can be accessed from any mobile device which makes it very convenient while at a customer site.

If you do not find the information or document you are looking for, we would greatly appreciate any feedback on how we can improve the Continental Document Library and FAQ’s. If you do not find the correct document or FAQ to solve your issue, please email with the content you would like added. Your feedback can help another one of our valuable customers the next time they are searching for information.

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Continental Access – Tech Tip Of The Week (6/26/2014)

Dear Valued Customer,

If you are using a CardAccess 3000 Software license, it is very important to verify the license has been Activated.

If the software license has not been Activated, a message will display “# Days Left” near the set of Keys in the above example. This is the amount of days left on the Grace Period. Once the software license has been Activated, this message will no longer display.

The ”CardAccess 3000 Client License Manager” can be found on the Start Menu on XP Pro and Windows 7 Pro.

WARNING: Failure to Activate the software license, will cause the CardAccess 3000 to stop functioning after the grace period expires.

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Continental Access – Tech Tip Of The Week (6/13/2014)


It is VERY IMPORTANT to perform a manual FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD to the Accelaterm, prior to wiring up the readers and programming the readers in the CardAccess 3000.

Failure to have the latest firmware in the Accelaterm controller, will result in the reader mappings being incorrect.

For more information, please refer to the “Accelaterm Relay Configuration Guide” at the following link:

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Continental Access Invites You To Attend The Upcoming Training Seminar In Virginia Beach, VA on July 15th, 16th & 17th, 2014

Please join us and take advantage of our 3-Day Advanced Training Certification located in Virginia Beach, VA.

Some of the new features covered in this Advanced Hands-On seminar are :

  • 64 Bit OS (WIN7 & WIN2008 R2) and SQL2008 R2 Support:

  • 32 and 64 bit OS compliance

  • Windows 7 Pro compliance

  • Server 2008 r2 compliance

  • Full Napco Alarm integration

  • Integration with Wireless Trilogy® Networx™ Access Door Locks with built in HID reader – acts a wireless single door controller at the CA3K workstation

  • External clock display option for time & attendance on SuperTwo™ Panels

  • FIPS 201 PIV badge support (NST SP800-116 support)

  • “Strong Password Database Update” option for legacy databases

  • CA3000 V2.9.x new features

  • And much more

  • Please contact your regional sales manager for registration information or email:

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PRESS RELEASE – Continental Access Becomes An Official Partner and Solution Provider Of Milestone Systems


Amityville, N.Y. -  May 29, 2014

Continental Access is proud to announce that Milestone Systems has officially announced them as a Valued Partner and Solution Provider.

Continental Access is very excited about becoming a Milestone Systems partner and solution provider. Having this valued relationship with Milestone, assures Continental Access and our valued customers the highest quality integration between our CardAccess 3000 software and Milestones XProtect Video Management Software.

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